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                                               Brightway is a proud 100% American company.     

Serving Long Island, New York 

          Brightway serves both commercial and residential property's.




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Fully Insured - LPL risk management holds our POLICY'S, located Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

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                Long Island Power Washing

Housewash includes gutters,FASCIA,eaves, shutters,window frames, siding, foundation - removing green algae, dirt etc.

I use a diluted bleach solution to kill/
SANITIZE then rinse several times unit perfect.

Vinyl Siding Green Mold/Algae Removed.
Schedule Fall exterior housewash.



Home Improvement


Black mold stain removal from the exteriors of COMMERCIAL buildings.

ops the breakdown of the exterior surface caused from acid rain,pollution and black mold,and other surface dwelling critters.

This exterior surface breakdown (concrete leaching,caulk bleeding,LANDSCAPING water over spray)
Besides looking horrible the black streaks are causing future problems.

 ULTIMATELY causes the staining(SOMETIMES called "hard water stains) ON your windows,
 that requires a acid wash, that WREAKS HAVOC on landscaping(when cleaning second story and above) and our tools, Our tools actually start DISSOLVING  by end of day.

The Brute - The Ultimate cleaning machine
For the Big Dirty Jobs we have the "BRUTE" unit to clean the impossible job, We have removed 4 layers of different colored paints off a brick exterior of a high school. Graffiti is a cinch with the brute,Removes oil stains from driveways, grease removal from rear of Chinese restaurants, just to name a few.

Extreme hot water all day long, Like the saying "they don't make stuff like they used too".

Industrial Hot Water Powerwasher

Flame on !! Kills black mold in seconds - use the Brute when you can't use bleach to kill molds/algae etc... Brute the sanitizer.


                          LONG ISLAND COMPLETE HOUSE WASH

Included in House wash - Siding,shutters,window frames,soffits,gutters,fascia,foundation.

Green Mold and artillery fungus is attacking this house.

This once bright yellow vinyl sided home has been attacked by several molds and fungi notably Green algae and Black mold and Artillery fungus.

This is the true color, yellow vinly siding. Algae/Fungus free.
This photo doesn't show it's actual Bright Yellow  color.
Our cleaning solution kills all the different types of mold/algae that stain your vinyl siding, then we powerwash to rinse off all the dead green algae and black mold.

Well water stain on vinyl siding

This brown stain is from well water being used to water lawn and brushes, Well water contains all kinds of minerals, iron I think is whats causing this brown stain, Very hard to remove unless you know what chemical to use - I know the chemicals that can remove stains from vinyl siding.

No sign of brown stain

As you can see the white vinyl is super clean

Now that's Bright and Sanitized - All the different molds, fungi, and hard water stains are dead and gone.

Vinyl Siding stays clean for a long time. Cause we kill the molds, algae etc... before we power wash and cleaning that way it will take a long time to re-infest the vinyl siding.

Be careful some contractors just power wash using no cleaning solutions first to kill the molds, algae, that are staining your home and unknowingly exposing your family to black mold.
As soon as you stop power washing the mold and algae starts growing again on the vinyl siding, It only takes a few cells/spores and time and your right back where you started.
Our Motto is: Kill first then Clean.

In one day we can remove all the mold/fungus and other stains from the exterior siding of your home.

Our cleaning technique also works on Stucco siding, Brick siding, Cedar ship lap siding. Cedar Shakes, Asbestos siding, Metal, Fiberglass, All types of Siding/exterior walls.

BrightWay powerwashing specializes in a complete, comprehensive exterior cleaning service. Some of the services we provide include:
We Sanitize.
  • Whole house wash- Exterior washing/cleaning
  • All types of Siding - Vinyl Siding, Stucco, Cedar, Shakes etc... 
  • Decks - Wood, Composite (Trex) 
  • Hand rails - Wood, Composite, Wrought Iron. 
  • Walkways - Power wash all walkways, slate,pavers,concrete..
  • Driveways - Pressure wash all types of driveways, pavers,brick,asphalt.
  • And also we can remove oil stains from concrete/brick driveways.
  • Stoops -Make your stoops nice enough to hang out at.
  • Patios -Remove all types of stains on all types of surfaces.
  • Pool areas - Pool areas have to be green algae free, kids running, green algae very slippery
  • Outdoor furniture - We can make your outdoor furniture nice enough to sit on.
  • Swing sets - Jungle gyms - Keep sanitized for the little children.
  • Graffiti removal - We treat graffiti tagging as an emergency because it's a crime.
  • Gutter cleaning - Clean  in/out and out being hand washed with krud kutter then scrubbed with brush then powerwashed, Gutter come real clean.
  • Gutter hand washing.
  • Refinancing your home - Let us make your insurance company happy, and help get you that $you desire.
  • Come to us when insurance company wants your roof cleaned -we will give you fast service right away.


  • Brightway adds things we can do all the time as we learn we pass on the knowledge to you our customers.

    Contact us with any questions at 631-766-8242

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