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Our Building wash:
Our cleaning solution has always killed VIRUS and BACTERIA ,We SANITIZE the exterior of your home,decks porches, handrails,window frames,windows etc...




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Fast same day/next day Free Estimates.

Long Island Cleaning Services - Window Cleaning - Pressure Washing.
Home Improvement, Curb Appeal.

Home Improvement, Window Cleaning,Roof Cleaning, Power washing, Handyman.
Remove Green Mold/Algae from Vinyl Siding.
Exterior Mold removing.

We Service both Residential
and Commercial : 
From Manhattan To Montauk


               We service


          • Homes
          • Mansions
          • Castles
          • Skyscrapers
          • Hotels
          • Convention Centers
          • Shopping Centers
          • Office buildings
          • Hospitals
          • Universities/College housing
          • Emergency clean ups - Spills 
          • Foreclosure clean outs 
          • Restaurants Window Cleaning weekly, twice a week, whatever you need.

          • Window Cleaning
            Residential and commercial.

                1. Private homes  - Window Cleaning interior and exterior.
                2. Office buildings- Window Cleaning interior and exterior.
                3. Commercial buildings - Window Cleaning
                4. Skylights - Cleaningcaulking
                5. Mirrors - Cleaning
                6. Solar Panels - Cleaned - Keeping solar panels clean keeps your panels efficient.
                7. Restore Hard water stained windows - Caulk bleeding stained removed - Our system brings glass back to new.
                • Power washing -  Hot and Cold Pressure Washing Equipment.
                • Residential and commercial.
                1. Gentle Roof Cleaning - Mold,Algae,Fungus,Stains removed2 year guarantee on our roof cleaning.
                2. Vinyl Siding - Cleaning - Stucco - Cedar , Shakes all types of sidings. Mold removed. Power wash.
                3. Fences - Cleaned - power wash, remove green algae - graffiti etc...
                4. Walkways, Stoops - Pressure wash Cleaned
                5. Patios - Clean, Power wash
                6. Driveway - Pressure wash, Cleaning
                7. Deck - Cleaning - restoring, black mold removal, green algae killed/removed.
                8. Outdoor Furniture - Cleaning -Teak brought back to better then new.
                9. Gutter Cleaning - inside and out, hand clean.
                10. Office Building - Cleaning, Pressure wash Exterior of buildings -remove rust stains, all stains, etc.. 
                11. Convention Centers - We have years of experience cleaning BIG jobs we have talented skilled workers.
                12. Refinancing  - Can work with you insurer and make them happy.
                13. We've added a new service removing oil stains from concrete driveways and pavers.
                14. Gum removal - Hot Water Power Washing
                15. Awning cleaning - Gentle stain/dirt removal.

                      Handyman -
                Residential and commercial.

                1. Graffiti Removal - Graffiti is treated as an emergency - Property damage.
                2. Oil stains - Removing oil stains from concrete driveways/walkways, pavers, concrete in general.
                3. Caulking - re-caulking - windows or concrete  - Saves energy in windows - maintenance on concrete.
                4. Small repairs - Sealing decks, Small carpentry jobs OK, replacing warp, broken deck boards.
                5. Painting - First killing all mold, then seal or paint.
                6. Dry wall - Fix water/mold damaged walls or install whole room. Remove mildew from indoor pool areas.
                7. Sealing/Staining Decks - Deck maintenance is something you shouldn't ignore
                8. Yard Clean ups - Leaves - junk cars you name it we'll get it out of your yard.
                9. Basement Water Proofing - If your concrete basement walls are always moldy and damp, you need to waterproof.
                10. Mold Removal - All molds are health issues - let us remove all your mold issues.
                11. Refinancing - We work with insurance companies to fixes what's wrong and make it right.
                12. Installing vinyl siding - We can install a few broken pieces or replace all the vinyl siding.
                •  House Cleaning
                • Homes - One time cleaning or we can schedule what ever you need.
                • Offices - - One time cleaning or we can schedule what ever you need.


                Angies list
                Check our Roof Cleaning Reviews
                on Angie's List
                 Reviews from Angie's list

                Member: Jane Millman

                Smithtown, NY 11787
                Categories: Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning
                Services Performed: Yes
                Work Completed Date: May 15, 2013
                Last Modified Date: July 15, 2013
                Hire Again: Yes
                Approximate Cost: $1,200.00
                Home Build Year: 1963
                Description Of Work: 
                I used Brightway Window Cleaning and Powerwashing probably about a month-and-a-half ago. They did house cleaning windows inside and outside.
                Member Comments: They did quick work. We were very happy with them. They were excellent. I would use them again in the future.
                Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes


                Member: Jack Driscoll

                MANORVILLE, NY 11949
                Category: Roof Cleaning
                Services Performed: Yes
                Work Completed Date: June 22, 2013
                Hire Again: Yes
                Approximate Cost: $1,000.00
                Home Build Year: 1998
                Description Of Work: Cleaned roof, fences, deck, shed. The guys did a great job and were very professional.
                Member Comments: It went fine.  Had a lot of mildew on the property.
                Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes


                Member: Mindy Rosner

                STONY BROOK, NY 11790
                Category: Roof Cleaning
                Services Performed: Yes
                Work Completed Date: 
                June 08, 2013
                Hire Again: Yes
                Approximate Cost: $1,400.00
                Description Of Work: 
                Completely power washed my house, roof, large deck, swing set, walkways and as soon as it stops raining for a few days in a row, they will fix broken boards on deck and paint it. They were on time and did a beautiful job, so far...
                Member Comments: 
                They were on time, spent the whole day and did a wonderful job. The roof has never looked better and the house looks like it was newly painted.
                Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes


                Joe Toth

                Categories: Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning
                June 01, 2013

                Hire Again: 
                Approximate Cost: 
                Description Of Work
                I last used Brightway Window Cleaning and Powerwashing to clean our roof last summer.
                Member Comments: 
                It went really well. We had a certain kind of mold that was leaving a black stain on the roof. They came and gently sprayed it off and the roof looks brand new. I felt that the price was reasonable. We had other people looking and they were saying we would have to replace the roof. They used a low pressure because we have an asphalt shingle roof and if you have too high pressure you can wash off the pebble finish and just leave the tar paper. He knew what he was doing. He knew what chemical combination to use and to use a low pressure. It worked. When I first called them, the estimator came out the next day. They were really busy so we scheduled it for about 10 days later. The guy showed up on time and later that day they called to make sure everything was okay.
                Share on Band of Neighbors: 
                Member: Melvyn Goldstein

                NORTHPORT, NY 11768
                Category: Roof Cleaning
                Services Performed: Yes
                May 21, 2013
                Hire Again: Yes
                Approximate Cost: $1,200.00
                Description Of Work: 
                I used Brightway Window Cleaning and Powerwashing for roof cleaning service.
                Member Comments: 
                Their service was fine.  They did a good job.  They were efficient with their job.
                Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

                Barbara Westrich

                Holbrook, NY 11741
                October 07, 2011
                Scope of work:
                Roof cleaning (heavy green moss and stains on roof)
                Siding cleaning
                Member Comments:
                Sean was very thorough and went over and above. He was friendly, honest (first work man that ever had his insurance company directly fax his insurance proof to me), diligent, and professional. I would definitely use him again.
                ARTHUR PAGANO

                GALWAY, NY 12074
                August 18, 2012

                Scope of work:
                Roof cleaning

                Sean and Conrad were very prompt. worked hard in inclement weather and got the job done. They were polite and courteous, no muss no fuss.
                Member Comments:
                They arrived earlier than stated time and got right to work

                Bryan Ackermann

                PORT WASHINGTON, NY 11050
                August 01, 2012

                Scope of work: Roof cleaning
                They were able to do the job without me being home, which I appreciated from a scheduling perspective. They used a cleaning approach which did not damage any of the surrounding landscaping, which was great.
                The roof came out well - not completely clean, but certainly much much better than it was. They also cleaned moss from my sidewalk - this looked fine for a little while, but came back relatively quickly due to my sprinkler system, I believe.
                Overall, I would use them again.
                Customer review : Mr.Luciano, Long Beach, NY, USA
                I wake from that familiar "beep", my cell phone laying on stomach as I sleep, I see the time 3:00 am ? And the text reads "My Wife was VERY happy with the crew and job today that she requested that they do my Long Beach house tomorrow. Sean I hope that can work. Thanks very much, Quote from my wife.
                P.S - Make sure there boss knows how good these guys work, I don't think I've ever seen harder workers in a very long time. Mr.Luciano, Long Beach, BTW I'm in London right now on business (it's 10:00 pm here). 6/4/13



                Call Dr. Steamer - PHD in Carpet Cleaning.- I did and Vinny does and great job and he's also a nice guy!
                He cleans area/wool rugs, couches, sanitizes mattresses, steam machine is in the van, Dr.Steamer does more services then I can list. Look at your upholstery if it needs a brightening up Call 631-472-0757 - Tell'em Brightway Window Cleaning and Powerwashing say's hello.

                Frank Savin (no website) -Plumbing -Oil burner man, I called many oil burner men to fix our oil burner and Frank is by far the best. - 631-205-0178

                ACE TREE SERVICES - 631-445-8114 -No website - I had Ace remove my huge oak and maple trees (60'+) - Ace beat 3 other bids - started right away worked in the rain these guys are great. Now's the time to remove those scary big trees that could ruin your day. And at an affordable price. Finally will be able to sleep during those windy nights. Plus raking those 100 plus bags of leaves.
                Tree removal, Pruning, Stump removal.  

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